Thursday, October 30, 2008

Read It, Don't Eat It!

Look out! The (next) "cat" is out of the bag. Elizabeth Bird, a children's librarian at the New York Public Library, very nicely spilled the beans on my forthcoming book in her blog:
Ian Schoenherr's another one of those authors I always mean to review and then never do. Generally he tends to write picture books involving two characters. Pip and Squeak. Cat and Mouse. You get the picture. His newest title Read It, Don't Eat It! walks a delicate line. I sit hunched in perpetual wariness whenever I see a book that looks like it might be pandering to the librarian community. But what sets Schoenherr's latest from the usual gee-aren't-librarians-great stock is that it's actually a book we can use and read aloud to classes with fantastic results! Basically he's written a list of don'ts for books. Don't eat it. Don't chew on it. Don't get it wet. That sort of thing. I may have to rotate my standard readaloud stock for classes once we get this one in. Even young classes would find it easy to follow.

Read It, Don't Eat It! won't appear until next May, so don't hold your breath - yet. And, rest assured, this one is entirely mouse-free, though it does contain a small helping of cats.

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