Friday, April 8, 2011

A First Grader’s View of John Schoenherr

I wrote this illustrated “story” about my father in Miss Pace’s first grade class at Delaware Township School in Sergeantsville, New Jersey. I can interpret my hieroglyphs thusly:

  • circle on the easel: a side view of a roll of paper towels.
  • vase of dead flowers: a jar full of paint brushes
  • flowers on the table: fly lures that Dad was tying for fly-fishing
  • the “X” thing: a folding aluminum stool with a green seat
  • ladder 1: a bookcase?
  • ladder 2: stairs
  • animal in a square: one of Dad’s bear paintings

On the far right is the workbench with a fly lure and, on its side, a walkie-talkie. I’m not sure what those dark, curved things are: possibly fly-tying vices.

Very nice.

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