Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Inadvertent Photo-Essay: Woodside Trolley Barns

A little while ago, I posted a photo of a door from the old Woodside Trolley Barns, also known as the depot of the New York and Queens County Railway Company, or the New York and Queens County Railroad Company, or the N.Y. & Queens Co. Ry. Co., or the NY & Q. Co. Ry. Co., et cetera.

And here are some more photos, taken in, I think, the spring of 1986. My goal, then, was to make “artsy” pictures, heavy on textures and shapes - not to document the place, before it - most of it - was pulled down.

It’s called “Tower Square” now, home of a delightful parking lot which services a Pizza Hut, Michael’s, Subway, Boston Market, Starbucks, GameStop, HSBC, and a 99 cents store (or maybe it's a $4.99 store). Former residents include Walgreens, OfficeMax, an underrated Indian restaurant, and an eatery I began to call “Hairy Burritos” after two unfortunate incidents.

The place was the topic of the very first Forgotten New York page in 1998.

Doors and windows along Northern Boulevard (base of the east tower at right)

Base of the east tower on Northern Boulevard

“Waiting Room” entrance, corner of Northern Boulevard and Woodside Avenue

The Woodside Avenue side, at the corner of Northern Boulevard

The west tower on Woodside Avenue

Looking southeast down Woodside Avenue from the base of the west tower

Doorway detail on Woodside Avenue

Chimney on Woodside Avenue

Boarded-up door on Woodside Avenue

Closeup of door on Woodside Avenue

Turret and skylight on Woodside Avenue

Downspout in circular window on Woodside Avenue

Emerging pipes on Woodside Avenue

Bricked-up windows and power lines on Woodside Avenue

Decayed tire (?) in circular window

Flashing-covered windows on Woodside Avenue

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